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Patient Anaesthesia

We offer two types of anaesthesia:

  1. Local anaesthetic administered by your Surgeon.
  2. Intravenous and/or regional anaesthetic requiring the services of an Anaesthetist.

Local anaesthetic only - Anaesthetic administered by your Surgeon

Please note that you do not need to fast. You may take your normal prescription medications and you will be able to drive unless otherwise instructed by your Surgeon.

Intravenous and/or regional anaesthetic - Anaesthetic administered by an Anaesthetist

It is essential not to eat or chew gum 6 hours before your proposed operation. 200ml/hour of water is permissible up to 2 hours before your surgery

Please fast as instructed by your surgeon. A letter will be forwarded to you a few days before the day of your operation stating the time you are to arrive. Your operation should begin half an hour after this time. Sometimes this may vary due to the unpredictable nature of surgery and emergency patients.

On the day of your surgery the Anaesthetist will examine you before the operation and discuss the proposed anaesthetic with you. Usually this will involve sedation (Neurolept anaesthetic) and local anaesthetic blocks or injections.

You will be ready to go home 2-3 hours after your arrival time. You must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years of age) from the Day Surgery to your home, who should remain with you for the next 24 hours. Your escort is welcome to wait in our waiting room, or they can come back and collect you at the discharge time which is advised in your pre-operative letter. This time can be confirmed on arrival and admission. It is preferable that you stay overnight within a one hour journey of the Day Surgery unless otherwise arranged.

Failure to follow the instructions will unfortunately result in cancellation of the planned surgery.

Your Surgeon will see you after surgery. You will be given clear instructions including a telephone number for emergencies and a prescription for medications for the control of any discomfort at home. As there is no pharmacy on site you will need to have this filled by your local chemist.

A nurse will contact you the following day to check how you are. Sickness certificates are issued on discharge if required.

You must not drive for at least 24 hours following surgery where you have had anaesthetic administered by an Anaesthetist, or make personal or financial decisions.